Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Daddy ran a marathon

Hello Squidgy,

It's been a long time since I last wrote to you, I'm sorry sweetheart, Mummy has just been trying to move forward.

The pain has dulled, or maybe I am just so used to it that I don't notice it as much? I still miss you as much, I still wish you were here but I guess my heart just holds more now, pain and love. So, we have gone through a few milestones over the last couple of months, Mother's Day, 9 months, 40+1 weeks since you left us which means you have been gone longer than we had you and most recently your 10 month anniversary. In less than 2 months you would have been one, one!!! They were hard, especially Mother's Day, Mummy should have been having morning, afternoon and evening snuggles with you but you weren't there! It doesn't mean I am not your Mummy though and some lovely people, including Daddy remembered which brightened my day a bit.

It's not all boohoo though, we have had some brighter moments and they are getting longer now.... Your Daddy ran a marathon last week, Mummy knows you were with him every step of the way so thank you! He did so well, coming in at just over 5 hours which for his first marathon is amazing! Mummy is very proud of him and he raised almost £2000 for SANDS and Children are Butterflies! Emma and Rhys took part too which really helped Daddy, they all did great! It was also Mummy's birthday and our wedding anniversary last month, we didn't do much on our anniversary but we did go to Harry Potter Studios on my birthday which was fun, although Mummy missed out on opening the doors to the great hall! Oh well, Daddy and I had some fun on broomsticks! I wonder if you would have liked Harry Potter? By the time you saw it you probably would have thought it was a bit lame and dated! There are lots of things Mummy wonders about...

Anyway sweetheart, mummy loves you so, so much. We truly wish you could have stayed but we hope you are happy wherever you are.

Mummy knows that we "talk" everyday but I promise I won't leave it so long in between letters next time.

Love eternal.

Mummy and Daddy