Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Happy Birthday Squidge

Hello Beautiful,

Mummy is sorry this is a bit late, sometimes it is just too difficult to write!

You, my darling turned one on 7 July, Mummy simply cannot believe a year has passed since we last saw you. So much time has passed that you sometimes feel like a dream, Mummy finds that very hard. It is almost as if this happened to someone else, if Mummy is honest it did...

Mummy and Daddy found it really hard to decide what to do about your birthday and we only made a final decision a few days before. So your day started at your spot, Daddy and I bought you some ballons which we tied to your tree and we also bought your gifts and a nice chocolate cake with a sparkler candle and a normal one. Both Mummy and Daddy cried as we started to read the cards, it really hits us when we are there exactly what we deal with every day. We tried hard to keep it together for you though so that we could enjoy your "party" as much as possible. Your gifts from Mummy and Daddy were two Peter Rabbit books which we read to you and a healthy baby hamper which we bought to help an expectant mother in a poor country, we hoped you liked them! After we read your stories we tried to light your candles but it was so windy it didn't really work, so we decided to light them at home at 20:11 which is the time you were born. Just before we left Daddy planted a lily for you which should be flowering now and we also went to the office to buy you a vase which could stay on your plot.

We then said our goodbyes and Daddy and I let your balloons go so you had something to play with before we made our way back home. When we opened the door we were greeted with around 10 cards from your friends and family all wishing you a happy birthday, it really was lovely and Mummy and Daddy really appreciated it. Thank you for remembering!

The next part of your day was at the Sea Life centre in Birmingham where we saw some penguins, sharks, stingrays and  jelly fish which was very fun. Your Mummy even touched a starfish! Once we had gotten round all the attractions we went to the shop and bought you a little penguin souvenir which now sits next to Ralphy the Christmas fox in the front room. After we had finished at the Sea Life Centre Daddy and I went to Ed's Diner for party food, Daddy had a massive chocolate milkshake which he enjoyed a bit too much... he almost didn't eat his lunch!

We then finished of your day with another balloon release and the lighting of the candles at 20:11. Although it was a hard day we hope you were proud of how well you Mummy and Daddy did and we hope you enjoyed the day.

Happy 1st Birthday little one, we love you so, so much!

Mummy will write again soon.

Love eternal

Mummy and Daddy


The lost Birthday - Sarah Hancon

The house is oh so quiet
No balloons nor party hat
No children playing wildly
Or adult chatter-chat
For today there is no party
No cake or gifts around
For you my dear, sweet darling
Are resting underground
It would have been so lovely
To have you here today
To see you laugh and smile
On this your first birthday.