Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hello Ophelia,

Mummy misses you so much today, I do every day but today it is shattering! Mummy just wants to cuddle you, to hold your hand, to see you smile but that was stolen from us, just like it was stolen from your older brother or sister. Why did Mummy and Daddy have to loose both of their babies?

I feel angry and selfish today, it is not fair that we should go through so much heartbreak! Mummy feels like happiness isn't meant for your Daddy and I...

Sorrow - Sarah Hancon

In happiness I am a spectator,
Joy is not my own.
I could sell you sadness by the bucket,
The smiles are yours alone.

To celebrate in sorrow,
Is such a vicious sting.
I find I'm getting weaker
I just can't say a thing.

Fate has his friends
In life I am not one.
Maybe if he saw me,
Our chance of love would come.

Ahhhhhhh, this is so sombre
I wish it wasn't so.
I try and try and try so hard,
But fate, he is my foe.

Mummy feels like the wind has been forced from me today, I was doing so well but I have tumbled down rapidly! Some people ask me how I am, they do so almost breezily like there is a time frame of how long I should grieve for. There is no time frame, Mummy will never get over your death, my gorgeous little Squidge! Mummy hopes in time it won't always be so raw but I now know that won't come soon, Mummy is still so broken!

Anyway sweetie, that's enough now, Mummy doesn't  want you to think I am sad because I had you, Mummy is sad because we lost you. Mummy will look forward to the day I get to see your face again for the rest of my life. It is torment living without you.

Love eternal

Mummy and Daddy


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