Thursday, 14 August 2014

Caught in a sandstorm

Hello Poppet,

I wanted to share another poem with you, it is called "Caught in a sandstorm" and it's written by me. Will you tell me what you think?

Caught in a sandstorm - Sarah Hancon

I am caught in a sandstorm, heaven cannot see, the stars have turned their eyes away, leaving only me
It's grip is getting tighter, tearing at my soul, the wind, the harsh opponent I am powerless to control
The sand, it seems relentless, empowered by it's cause, taking all my dreams with it and snapping with it's claws
I wait for a peaceful second, a chance for stars to gaze, to shine their light upon my back and release me from it's haze
The time I know is coming, and patience sides with me, the storm will be defeated and a future there will be.

I hope you like it sweet girl.

Mummy has had a hard day baby so I will say goodnight.

Love eternal

Mummy and Daddy


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