Saturday, 26 July 2014

Getting our Punt on!

Hello Beautiful,

How are things up there? I hope you are being looked after and you are getting lots of kisses and cuddles from the other angels!

Mummy and Daddy got up early today and drove over to Olney to come and see you, we brought the flowers that Fauntie Chloe and Funkle Nic Nic had bought for you on Wednesday, they said that they are sorry they couldn't come to say goodbye, they are going to come to see you on Sunday with Mummy and Daddy. Mummy had wanted to read you a story so I found Cinderella online and bought my iPad with me. We arrived at your grave and were overcome with emotions, it is just such a small grave, you shouldn't be in it, we are angry with the world that you are!!! We both said hello and sat down in front of you and Mummy read Cinderella to you. It was a bit of a fancy version and Mummy kept stumbling over some of the language, did you notice? I hope you liked the story, Mummy thought it was quite fitting as you would have been just as pretty as Cinder's, I am sure Prince George would have invited you to the Palace ;-)!

The lady from the office had noticed we were with you and brought down the proofs for you heart plaque for Mummy and Daddy to choose from, we chose the first option which will hopefully be ready in around 3 weeks or so. Mummy and Daddy will place into your plot as soon as we have it, we hope that is ok with you?

How do you like your new home? We hope you are nice and comfortable and warm! Mummy knows that you are safe at the burial ground but I cannot help but worry that you are cold or that you are scared, I hate it that I had to leave you there!

After we came to see you we had arranged to meet the Angelinetta side of the family, it is your Grandparents Ruby Wedding Anniversary on Sunday so we all went to Cambridge to go Punting. Mummy and Daddy had thought of the idea, it was something we hadn't done before so thought it would be perfect as we were keeping our promise to you. It took a while to get there so we went for lunch first, we found a pub that allowed us to bring Marley in and took a seat outside. There was an offer on, a sandwich, side and a drink for £5.99 so most of us did that. Mummy had asked for a Hallumi sandwich, chips and a white wine, when it arrived we all had to laugh as there on my tiny plate was just 9 chips, one of which had been squashed by the waitress, also my wine was VILE, it must have been Tesco Value... maybe the offer wasn't so great after all! Oh well, who cares really?!

After lunch we went down to the river and sorted out a Punt for us to use ourselves. Your Uncle Tom took on the role of "Punter" first and he was, rubbish! I think he thought we were playing ping pong as we just zigzagged our way down the river, it was very funny though! It was so nice for Mummy and Daddy to really laugh and forget the pain for a bit! Eventually Daddy and Uncle Tom swapped roles and Daddy took on the role of "Ultimate Punter" he was actually pretty good and manage to get us back to the station with relative ease, it really was good fun! I don't think you would have enjoyed it if you were there in person, you would have been sick from all the to'ing and fro'ing, I hoped your spiritual self enjoyed it though! I'm not sure Marley enjoyed it much she kept trying to climb out of the boat!

We decided to go for another drink afterwards, on the way we had a walk through Cambridge and saw Kings College, it really is a beautiful place, loads of character and amazing architecture. Daddy and I think you would have been a student in Cambridge! We all got a drink at the pub and made a toast to you. Mummy felt sad because she had felt guilty for laughing and joking around when you weren't there. It is so hard because sometimes I feel like none of it has happened, then I see your picture flash up on my phone and I hate myself for feeling that way, how could I feel like that for even a second?! I miss you so much that I think it is just my minds way of coping with the unbearable loss and the gaping hole you have left behind. Mummy didn't say much after that, I was consumed by you and my desire for you, please come back, please!

When we got home, your Daddy and I were pretty tired so just chilled out in front of the TV before going to bed.

Thank you for making sure today was a nice day, you are amazing! Speak to you tomorrow.

Love eternal.

Mummy and Daddy


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