Friday, 25 July 2014

Missing you

To our dear Ophelia Lily,

Today was a mixture of emotions, most of the day your Mummy and Daddy felt ok, we decided to go for some food and chose to go to Byron Burger. Mummy had a mushroom burger, Daddy had a bacon cheeseburger, the food was nice but the service was dreadful! All the staff were stressed out and arguing in front of customers, I felt like telling them to sort their lives out! Seriously, you are stressing yourselves out of burgers and fries... If we can sit here with a smile on our faces, you certainly can! I don't have any patience for pathetic squabbles or people moaning over spilt milk!

Anyway.... The rest of the day was uneventful, Mummy and Daddy were not really with it, we just felt a bit numb after yesterday. Mummy and Daddy talked about what you might have been, we thought you would have been fiercely independent, incredibly pretty, wonderfully kind and you would have been a right trendsetter too! We also agreed you probably would have been a pro-skater, far better than that Rowley dude!!! It made us happy to think of what you might of been, it also made us painfully sad! It would have been amazing to watch you grow, we hate that we won't be able to.

Daddy and I have hard a hard few days so we are off to bed but Mummy wanted to share a poem that she had written about you, I hope you like it and it isn't too rubbish....

Missing You - Sarah Hancon

I kiss your lips
I kiss your cheeks
Glass and paper keep me from you.

I read you a story
I sing you a song
Wicker and soil keep me from you.

I take in your smell
I take in your smell
Cardboard and plastic keep me from you.

I whisper Good Morning
I whimper Good Night
I miss you my darling
You are my light.

Anyway, I have probably embarassed both of us...

We love you SO much.

Goodnight sweetheart.

Mummy and Daddy


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