Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hello Gorgeous,

Mummy and Daddy miss you.

We have managed to book somewhere away, we are going to go to Titchwell Manor on Thursday. We can take Marley with us which is great and we are going to go for a walk on the beach like we promised, we hope the water isn't too cold for you sweetheart.

This isn't fair, Mummy is trying so hard to get through with just your memory to hold on to but you SHOULD be here. You SHOULD be coming with us on Thursday and you SHOULD be able to feel the water on your toes. Mummy isn't coping very well with loosing you, we had dreamed of you for so long. I guess we will just have to keep on dreaming.

Ann called Daddy and gave us a time for your funeral, it is 23 July at 1pm. I am sure the service will be beautiful and a lot of your family and friends will be there but Mummy is dreading it. Dreading the journey to the church, dreading seeing your tiny coffin, dreading seeing you be put into the ground. I am so so sorry little one, if I could change this I would! In a nano-second!

Mummy will be wearing a beautiful necklace with your name on it though, Daddy bought it for me so I can have you close to my heart. We took a long time deciding over it, the chains Mummy had picked out didn't really work as the letters kept over lapping so you couldn't read them. Clever Daddy picked out a linked chain that we could put the charm letters onto individually, it is lovely. Now Mummy has two pretty necklaces to remind her of you, she is one lucky lady!

Fauntie Jody, Fauntie Chloe and Funkle Nic Nic (the Funkle bit seems to really suit Nic, not really sure why, I guess I think of a burley bearded man when I say the word Funkle, Nic is exactly that!) came over yesterday. It was nice to see them. We, as always, talked about you mostly but both Mummy and Daddy managed to laugh, not the fake laugh we muster sometimes but full belly laughs, it feels good to laugh. Fauntie Chloe and Funkle Nic Nic bought Daddy and I matching bracelets with a silver O that linked the straps, soon we will forget there are other letters in the English language, I am happy with that though as it was going to be Mummy's nickname for you when you were older! O, you can fill our house whenever you please.

Mummy and Daddy ordered a pizza, it made Mummy feel a bit guilty, take away was always a celebratory thing, like "It's Friday, lets get a Chinese!". Daddy made Mummy feel better though, he reminder her that she had eaten all day again and that really it was just fuel, plus he said you wouldn't want Mummy to feel guilty. I know you wouldn't sweetheart.

Love you little lamb!

Mummy and Daddy


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